Create a Ticket via Drag+Drop from Outlook

Hi guys,

is it possible to implement the creation of a Ticket via Drag+Drop from Outlook?

I keep getting e-mails that I have to convert to tickets. Currently, I have to forward them in order to transfer them to the ticket system, but of course the customer does not match here.

It would be nice to be able to drag and drop the email into the dashboard, for example, and then the data of the .msg is converted into a new Ticket.


Subject Email = Ticket Subject
From and CC = Customer and CC in ticket
Body Email = Ticket body
(To = Case Owner)?


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I would also appreciate this. As a workaround, I currently have the shared mailbox that feeds into Zammad included in my outlook list and can drag the email to that inbox (I also have a quick step button to do it for me).

It works as well as sending the email directly there as the headers are maintained, so the sender is correct. The downside is I have to enable the mailbox for my outlook client for it to work.