Could not find 'bundler'


  • Used Zammad version: 5.0.3
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: CentOS Stream 8
  • Browser + version:


our zammad setup isn’t starting.
The log file shows following error for both worker & websocket:

zammad-worker-1.service[194246]: /usr/share/rubygems/rubygems.rb:284:in find_spec_for_exe': Could not find 'bundler' (2.3.7) required by your /opt/zammad/Gemfile.lock. (Gem::GemNotFoundException) zammad-worker-1.service[194246]: To update to the latest version installed on your system, run bundle update --bundler. zammad-worker-1.service[194246]: To install the missing version, run gem install bundler:2.3.7zammad-worker-1.service[194246]: from /usr/share/rubygems/rubygems.rb:263:inbin_path’
zammad-worker-1.service[194246]: from /opt/zammad/bin/bundle:3:in `’

But the output of ‘bundler --version’ is: Bundler version 2.3.7
Also this is the default (and only) installed version.



Are you sure that this is a package installation?
Package installation bring the environment bundled within the package it ships and thus there shouldn’t be issues at all with that.

Please note that CentOS 8 is supported by our packages - CentOS Stream 8 officially isn’t - if Stream changes away too much from CentOS 8 itself, this may also be root of your issue.

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