Core Workflow Ticket states - "hide option" instead of "remove option"


i want to ask, if it is possible to hide an option in the ticket state menu within a core workflow? Actually you can only remove an option, which imho leads to problems, when the option is needed by another user or task.

For instance, i want get my agents not to choose the state “closed”, to close an ticket, because they have to use an macro, which e.g. fires some triggers for autometed closing e-mail.

No it’s not possible.
Your configuration goal collides with the way Zammad works technically - Macros are run as the user in question. Hiding may not even work in that scope so.

I’ve changed this threads category to technically question because this thread to me is more of a question than a request. Please try to use the categories accordingly - refrain from questions in feature request as this may result in us not seeing it as a request but a question.