Configure subject line and/or custom headers for outgoing mails/notifications


  • Zammad: 5.0.x

Expected behavior:

We use Zammad to manage many different groups (sales, presales, support,…). They are divided by groups. A user who is active in many of these groups gets a lot of notification mails which become quickly confusing.

It would be great if all mails from Zammad would indicate to which group the mail/ticket belongs to allow the user to filter the notification mails to different folders in their mailbox. Two ideas:

  • Define a custom header which contain the group, e.g. x-zammad-ticket-group
  • Add the group to the subject, e.g. “Subject [Ticket #XXXXX] [Group]”

Both would be feasible but I would prefer the header approach because it is lest disturbing for users.

I tried to find a config option but couldn’t find anything. Is this somehow possible?

Honestly I don’t understand the use case especially with the custom header.
Zammad communicates the group within the mail body.

Users can also disable irrelevant notifications within their profile settings:

Apart from that, without custom changes to source code your approach is currently not possible.

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