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I’m quite unfamiliar what the availability of older zammad versions or in general linux software from repository concerns.
The issue i have is that a co-worker has developed an application which uses the zammad-api for login. Currently the app is not working with version 2.0 (and above i think) because of a change in the zammad-api, so my guess. The app needs development, but the co-worker has no time to do it, so we need to stay with version 1.5.
My question is how to keep zammad up-to-date in the future, e.g. if it’s possible to upgrade from version 1.5 -> maybe version 3 in late 2018 over repository without manual intervention on my side.
My concern is that there is no version 2 (or whatever version it needs to migrate/upgrade) available from repository when the co-worker finally can adjust his app to work with current versions of zammad.

Thanks in advance

Hi @EBHannes

good news. Zammad is designed to do updates from version 1.5 to version 3.x without any required version between. So just performed an regular Zammad update. :rocket::heart_eyes_cat:

In case you you really looking for older Zammad versions you can use -> just select you Zammad version you are looking for and install from this repo.




Thanks a lot for your quick response.

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