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Question because im not familiar. I installed zammad in ubuntu via Deb…
And I created additional ticket state using rails using command in documentation

Question is if Im going to update zammad using Deb… all my created additional ticket state are still in place and all settings are the same after the update?

Thank you very much

backup first.

I use the docker images, but I believe the debs are the same.

The data is stored in a postgresql database, that includes additional ticket states, they are stored in the database too, the data there won’t get deleted.

Updating the deb will replace the binaries and scripts, it won’t touch the database.

When zammad starts up it will check the version of the zammad binaries and scripts against the version in the database, and if they don’t match, which it won’t the first time you start zammad after updating the deb, it will run some upgrade scripts to make any changes to the database schema that needs to be made.

here’s the doc for upgrading zammad, at the bottom is the deb instructions

Thank you for the confirmation sir @chesty
God bless and more power

sir @chesty another question please.
Everytime update zammad via Dev I will also get all bugs fixed i mean is all commit in github ?

yeah, you might also get extra features too, read the change log before updating.

Thank you… you may now close this request…

More power and God bless

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