Close Tickets after 5 days


  • Used Zammad version: last
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …) pkg
  • Operating system: deb10
  • Browser + version: FF

Expected behavior:

  • I try to set a trigger (and/or scheduler) to close Tickets 5 days after the last answer (when the last answer is from an agent), depends of Group.

I read other topics about it but seems nobody could set that.
I can’t found the good setting. Is it possible to do that on Zammad?

Yes this is possible with an automation, not with a trigger. Triggers only react when something happens. Automations run at scheduled times and check for conditions. You have to create an automation that checks your tickets with last contact agent before 5 days.

If I set last contact agent before 5 days, it doesn’t check if there a reply after the last contact agent.

For example:
Last contact agent : 20th December
Last contact customer: 22th December.

Last Contact agent is more than 5 days but there a reply, so I don’t want close this ticket.

I can’t found the good setting.

in my opinion it would be easier to set the state of the ticket to “close at time(5days)” and then answer the customer. if you get an answer, the ticket state will be changed to “open” again.

Otherwise maybe this will help you out:

The last contact of the customer is older than 5 days, the last contact of the agent is older than 5 days and the last update is olden than 5 days.

if now one answer on this ticket or update it, it should be closed

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