'Close tab' default behaviour for Update action

In v2.6 an option was added to set up the default behaviour for Macros (“Once completed: Close tab”). This was long awaited, and well appreciated, thank you!!

It seems like it’s still not possible to set this up for the default action (“Update”), though. Or did I just miss it?


I looked that up and it looks like you’re right.
This is, because you cannot modify the default update thingie.

I’ll talk to this in our Team.

Sorry I wasn’t entirely correct!
You can (with two extra clicks) tell zammad what it’s supposed to do on an Update:


Is that good enough for you? :slight_smile:

Well, of course not! :wink:

This requires two extra clicks prior to clicking on Update. One click more than clicking on update, and closing the tab manually. Basically one could question if this button makes any sense at all…

The issue with this button is, that it only applies one time. It does not keep the setting for future tabs, nor can I configure its default. See my original comments under #641.


Okay, I’ll look that up and bug @thorsteneckel a bit.

Okay back again for more.

I just got the information, that we will not change this behavior.

Most of the user want it the way it has been implemented. Sorry about that.

That was quick… :wink: Thanks for taking the time to look into this anyway. Maybe other users want to chime in here, if they have an opinion on this topic. If there would be an option to set the default for the “Stay on Tab” button in the far future - does not essentially have to be available in the UI - this would be much appreciated!

Just a personal note and thought:
If this really should get available, my opinion is that the user should be able to decide what behavior he expects.


I would like to +1 the ability to set a default behaviour on what clicking “update” does. I have waaaaayyyyy too many open tabs (tickets) along the left side of my screen. I only JUST realised this is because I wan’t setting the drop down to “close tab”.

I agree with @oliver that teaching people to have 2 extra clicks could be avoided by allowing a “default” setting for the behaviour of the update button, rather than removing the drop down completely.


This sounds like a greate feature, if the user was able to decide which should be his/her default action.

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We would love to see this feature as well (able to choose default action for tab)

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I know i shouldn’t post another comment instead of just liking the existing ones but i have to get this off my chest (sorry @MrGeneration :frowning: ).

We really really need this too. I’m rebuking my agents on a daily basis because they always have 40+ tabs open (mostly closed tickets) - and i’m sick of it. They’re just too lazy to close them after they were attached and they’re too lazy to change the behaviour per ticket.

A global setting + personal setting which would override the global setting would be awesome.

That way i’d set the default to “do not attach” and can turn it back on for myself (i actually prefer the current default 'cause i can handle closing tabs i don’t need).


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A small sidenote to that: Zammad should close older tabs as soon as you hit 30 tabs, if you have more than 30 tabs, this might be a bug (or tons of tabs of your users with manual changes which cause Zammad to keep the tab open).

This might also be a bug, but I understand the use case.

My bad, i just took a wild guess and as it seems i’m kinda bad at it :see_no_evil:

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Haha no worries, really <3 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those two drop-down controls are actually overlapping each other.
For example you can make a macros “Update and close tab” by setting Action->Open, Once Completed->Close Tab, that is actually the same as selecting “Close Tab” in left drop-down and push “Update” in right. -1 click %) Same for other combinations of this controls.

If you don’t mind I want to suggest more enhanced and simple solution.
Button “Update” becomes macros also, the left drop-down is not actually needed, everything move to macros list:

  • Update = Action Open + Stay on Tab
  • Update and Close = Action Open + Close Tab
  • Update and Next = Action Open + Next ticket

This is it, this is the complete list of actions, provided by those two controls.
The important thing here is that macroses in macros list should be sortable, so you could move “Update and Close” on the top as default action on button.

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Is there any posibility to save the selection “close tab” in 3.1.0?
We have two kind of helpdesk-agents: one which will keep the tabs open and one which close it after each update.

best regards Andreas

No there isn’t, because this feature is not implemented yet.

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