Chat message preview/sneak-peek

Apologies if this has already been posted, but I searched and couldn’t find anything similar. It would be great if Zammad chat had the ability to show the agent what the user was typing before they actually sent the message. I loved this feature when we used LiveChat ( Most people are slow typers and go back to correct typos before sending. Often I would already know the user’s issue and be typing up a solution before they even hit send.


I’m totally with you on that slow typers/typos part. It probably would safe a lot of time for any agent.

But - you’d probably need a huge disclaimer before “activating” the chat that ALL data the customer is typing is gonna be transmitted even WITHOUT him hitting submit. Otherwise that’s a big no-no (since everyone is on the hype train with GDPR). Most customers probably couldn’t care less but there’ll always be that one guy who’s just waiting for someone to point his finger at.

On a technical level: cool thing.
Considering data protection: kinda meh.
Still gonna like that.


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