Channel Email setup


We are testing zammad to substitute and RT version, the principle of zammad is quite different from RT.

My question is in RT we setup 3 emails queues and when a ticket arrived to a queue all users of that queue will receive an email with the ticket, and they can reply directly from they mail client software or access the web interface.

But in zammad i think that’s quite different, i can setup the 3 emails channels, all people in each channel/group will get an email notifiying about the ticket, this notification cames from , so it will not be possible to reply directly from they mail clients to the tickets, is that right? or I’m missing something in the setup?

I’ve read the documentation but I’m a bit lost.

Thanks for any assistance.

How do you track answers to tickets, if they are sent directly by an email client? How do agents assign tickets to their own or to another agent?

Zammad is designed (I think normally all other help desk I know) to communicate from inside Zammad as the central point of contact with the outside.

Hi @hugo

there is no option to reply to a ticket via your email client.

Helpful functions like text modules with placeholders, macros and core workflows are only available in Zammad, not in your email client.

Notifications are just to notify you about new tickets or changes to a ticket. Useful when you are not logged in to Zammad every day.


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