Changing Customer

we receive emails from an external telephone assistance company. it says who called and why. the sender is always the same company. we receive these emails directly in zammad and then have to change the subject and customer. the subject is relatively simple, but changing the customer requires 3-4 clicks. that doesn’t sound like much, but since we do it 10-20 times a day, I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to get to the “change customer” menu? a shortcut or something similar? or does anyone have a good idea how we can simplify this?

Hello here!

One solution could be to either use triggers to do this automatically or macros if you want the agent to double-check and do the click

With triggers set correctly it can recognize the domain of the sender and, besides other things, set the specific customer

With macros the agent still opens the ticket yourself and then uses the bottom right button to activate the macro, which can change customer and other attributes

More details in the documentation


Unfortunately, that doesn’t help. In both cases I would have to define a new customer. But in each case it is a different customer, so that doesn’t help.

I am sorry that the proposed solution does not solve your issue, I have misunderstood this part

And this part:

As it sound like there is already the customer in Zammad

So, if I got that right now, the external company receives a case ticket from customer that can be one to one million and always different and your company solve the case for the customer and not for the company?
And the email has the details in the email text and the customer already in Zammad?

Or how does that process look like exactly?

Now sure if Zammad supports that out of the box.

Zammad could read the customer name from the email content and set the customer.
With Triggers that would mean up to a million triggers, which does not make a lot of sense.

Eventually you might need to build your own middleware solution and use the Zammad APIs to associate the customer with data from the email data depending on the information you get from the telephone company.

But with limited insight in the whole process it is hard to tell.