Change Ticket Type (channel)

Is there a way to change the ticket type (channel) of a new ticket that was already created? It is showing as ticket initiated by phone when it should be by email.


You technically can change the article type via rails console, however I wouldn’t suggest that.
You’ll be fiddling around issues that should be fixed (because if Zammad recognizes a ticket article type as “phone”, it’s proberbly because you created a phone note.

As your first article is missing all required information from our form I can’t help further, because your system is an absolute blackbox to me.

I don’t even know how you created the ticket and just can guess what went wrong.

Hi thanks for the reply…

I manually created a phone ticket in Zammad on accident, when it was a ticket that was initiated by an email conversation I had with a customer. I was just curious if there is a way to easily switch a ticket from ‘phone’ to ‘email’.


It’s not that easy.
It involces the Zammad rails console and fiddling with the affected article in question.

Do you still want to continue? :x

Nope, thanks for the information! :smiley:

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