Change the way mass changes work


this might be a small change but could improve intuitiveness for new or not so technical affine like some of us.

Currentely when you want to change the Ticket owner you have to set the group the new owner has rights to - it does not matter if the ticket is already inside the correct group. Users that don’t choose a group before setting the new owner will only see a “-” as possible owners.

This is potentially missleading in my opinion. It would be great if zammad could internally check for the users group rights and display the users even without selecting the group. Of course, this potentially shouldn’t apply to overall group actions (even if I think that users that choose multiple tickets to assign it to someone, won’t mix up the selection for several new ticket owners but instead one by one).

@chesty mentioned that it would at least be good idea to optically push the user into the right direction if the above is too complex:

For example if there is no group selected and you want to choose a new ticket owner, make it blink or (in my opinion better) highlight the needed fields to make the selection.

I think that this could improve the workflow.

Best regards

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