Change the visibility of part of an answer

Zammad Version: .5.0-1603788665

This might be a feature request, or there might already be a way to do it.

I’d like to make part of a knowledge base answer private (visible to agents only) and leave the rest as accessible to customers and agents.

Use case: We’d like to include “internal notes” to each answer - this will allow agents add their thoughts, and read others agents notes. We don’t want the clients to see this though

It indeed is.
Sounds very edgy through.

A useful workaround could be to link tickets.
This is an internal information your customers can’t see and can contain internal communication only.

Thanks, yes that would work.

The solution we actually went for for now is to have a second answer, same title with [INTERNAL] tagged on the end. We set that to internal so clients won’t be able to see it

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