Change the information in Database using SQL

Hello! I try to change some values using SQL (update som information as ticket comments text and some values in custom fields I created). But when I update the values by SQL I can see new values in Datavase but in web interface I steel see old values. So the question is - how to change the values in DB using SQL? or myabe there is some more ways to make many changes by one script?

You don’t as simple as that.
Stop bypassing your data verifying application.

I have old field with type varchar and I have new field with type array. I can’t change the values in batch processing way and set the new field values the same as old field contain. I tried to do that using sheduller in interface, but it not works. Time come but nothing changes sheduller don’t make changes. I have about 10000 tickets where I have to create changes… do it by hand will take a month

Thanx for answer.
Sheduller works well as the tool of batch processing. I noticed the hint in manual that scheduler can process only 2000 tickets at once. So thats was the reason why Zammad did not process my10000 tickets at once.
As I understand there is no safe way to do some specific changes (the changes I can’t do using interface of scheduler) in data for example using SQL? The only way to change data safely is using scheduler?
For example I want to change the first note (the body) of the ticket? I can’t do this using SQL and then just reindex data?

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