Change the group in form

The forms generate tickets in the users group only
How to change the group where tickets are created?


Within the Form settings…?

Thank you very much for the reply
The following scenario:
Site1 -> Form1-> Group1
Site2-> Form2-> Group2
or this one:
Site1 Form1 -> Group1
-> Group2
From within Form Settings can they be resolved?
If it cannot be resolved, I plan to set the first form and generate the name Form1 and rename form.js as form1.js. Then set the second form generate the name Form2 and rename form.js again as form2.js.
In this way could you treat the forms as different forms so that they meet the proposed scenarios?
Is it possible or would it generate problems?
If you know a better alternative I would like to meet you

As mentioned in the documentation ( ) the form currently is limited to one per instance.

So no, there’s currently no way to workaround this. Sorry.

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