CentOS 8 Zammad ETA


Does anyone know when Zammad will support Centos 8?

Anyone Managed to get Zammad working on Centos8?

yes. no problem. it is working. i even upgraded postgresql up to latest version, but all this in lab.

I ended up with some ruby errors for Digest/SHA when trying to link zammad to elasticsearch…

I used zammad from repositories, not compile it, and elastic search was relatively old version.

I think the issue is restoring from a Centos7 server to Centos8.
Zammad versions are the same, but elasticsearch is v5 vs v7.6

I think the RPMs differ between V7 and V8 even though the versions remain the same… After reinstalling the V8 package it seems to work again. I have a few errors to clean up when trying to rebuild the index…

The issue only seems to happen after the restore.

Get a working Zammad on V8
Run the Zammad restore
Run dnf reinstall zammad
zammad run rake searchindex:rebuild (might need to be run more than once if there is an error)

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