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Good afternoon,

I have Zammad 3.1 installed on a Debian 9 (LXD) and in the connection configuration of the electronic mail it gives the following error, the question is that via telnet from the same Debian server it works correctly, I have looked at the logs of Zammad and the destination server of Exchange 2010 and the following things come out, I leave you captures of all of them.

Zammad Web


Log Zammad

Exchange log


Duplicate of: Initial Config Error (locking that thread).
Opening dozens of duplicate threads won’t speed up the process to help you, but instead slow down the whole community. :confused:

Regarding the not reachable issue, please check what your dns-servers do resolve inside the servers network, possibly you have an external and internal IP address and Zammad might pick “the wrong” one because of misconfigured DNS or stuff.

You might also try with direct ip addresses to double check that this is not a sole connectivity problem.

Good afternoon, I am sorry, I did not open two threads for disturbing, one installation was on Debian 10 and another on Debian 9, in any case responding to your comment by direct IP the same error comes out, nor using the FQDN of the mail server does not work either . Any more ideas?

Thanks for helping, greetings!

If the application cannot communicate with the system at all, but you can via telnet, you might want to ensure that your host doesn’t block it by any security configuration.

Sorry, but this is out of scope.

By chance this log gives you some more idea of ​​what may be happening?

Thanks greetings!

receive emails by imap but don’t let me change the configuration from the web …

Did you try reloading the WebApp?
If so, if it still does not work… any errors by chance?

Is this a change installation or “vanilla” as is from repo?

Good, finally create an imap channel with:

zammad run rails r "Channel.create (area: ‘Email :: Account’, options: {inbound: {adapter: ‘null’, options: {}}, outbound: {adapter: ‘imap’}}, active: true , preferences: {editable: true}, updated_by_id: 1, created_by_id: 1) "

and since then it seems to work, I do not quite understand why, there was no way it was neither restarted the webapp nor anything the installation I did from the repository as the documentation marks … if I see something else I warn you to help another in the Same thing.


Outbound IMAP protocoll?

the adapter does not really use it, I deleted it and the one I had started working properly … at least for now

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