Cannot assign organisation

I created several organizations that are being listed under Manage->Organisations
However, when I create or edit an user, Zammad fails to recognize the exiting organizations and to assign the user. Any trouble shooting idea? Thanks!

Does it have something to do with this?


Jonas I am experiencing a similar issue that “Domain based assignment” feature is not working for some users. But my system status is fine.

@Jonas that’s quite possible. You could try reindexing. If elasticsearch fails there, you know where to search.

@veritaspoutine Domain based assignment works for new users only. I suspect you’re expecting the assignment to be done to existing users?

@MrGeneration yes I I am expecting domain based assignment be working for those newly added users after upgrading to 2.5 from 2.1. There are a number of users added after the upgrade don’t get auto assigned to their respected organization.

I’ve done run rake searchindex:rebuild but it doesn’t help.

Thanks! Can I reindex via the Zammad admin interface or do I have to contact my sys admin? :wink:

You’ll have to ask your sysadmin to run the command:
$zammad run rake searchindex:rebuild

Thanks! It was because apparently Zammad was not compatible with the newest version of ES. Now it works fine!

@veritaspoutine sorry for the delay.

Could you upgrade to the current 2.6 and verify if the problem persists on your instance?
If so could you please use a free hosted trial to verify the problem is there as well?

Just want to make sure it’s not just your instance as, until now, I didn’t see that kind of problem. :x


I rebuilt the search index once again and now everything is working as expected. Thanks for the help!

By the way I am still on version 2.5.

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