Can´t change Ticket Objects as soon as closed


  • Used Zammad version: 5.3
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Debian 9
  • Browser + version:

Expected behavior:

  • When I close a ticket, i should be able to search the closed ticket and for example reopen it by changing the ticket state to open.

Actual behavior:

  • As soon as a ticket is closed I can´t change any ticket Objects. I still am able to write notes or answer tickets but i cant change objects.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • It only works if I have Admin rights. As soon as i am only agent, the problem ist there.
    Searched for missconfiguration in Roles, Groups, Users, Overviews and Core Workflows - found nothing wrong.
    Cleared cache and restarted Zammad.
    It´s also weird, because it happend from one day to another…

I really need help here

I’m unable to reproduce that.
Really smells like a core workflow behavior.

I can’t see anything else, apart from custom fiddling in Zammad code, that might cause this.

I can confirm this problem with my zammad system version 5.3.1 Ubuntu 20.04 as host system and browser Google Chrome.

For example, when I change the owner and status and click on update, nothing happens.

The developer tool console from the browser reports an error:

application-347798fdad2c41587648bb38b0d6087bf66521a0d20fd4ad8fd9d545d5ec64ff.js:23 App.i(error) | update Object_core_workflow: {target: span, controllerForm: i}[[Prototype]]: Object
t._log @ application-347798fdad2c41587648bb38b0d6087bf66521a0d20fd4ad8fd9d545d5ec64ff.js:23
t.log @ application-347798fdad2c41587648bb38b0d6087bf66521a0d20fd4ad8fd9d545d5ec64ff.js:23
i.log @ application-347798fdad2c41587648bb38b0d6087bf66521a0d20fd4ad8fd9d545d5ec64ff.js:23
i.submit @ application-347798fdad2c41587648bb38b0d6087bf66521a0d20fd4ad8fd9d545d5ec64ff.js:56
(anonym) @ application-347798fdad2c41587648bb38b0d6087bf66521a0d20fd4ad8fd9d545d5ec64ff.js:55
(anonym) @ application-347798fdad2c41587648bb38b0d6087bf66521a0d20fd4ad8fd9d545d5ec64ff.js:9
dispatch @ application-347798fdad2c41587648bb38b0d6087bf66521a0d20fd4ad8fd9d545d5ec64ff.js:2
g.handle @ application-347798fdad2c41587648bb38b0d6087bf66521a0d20fd4ad8fd9d545d5ec64ff.js:2

Do you know of this problem?

Ok. I was able to solve the problem.
When I enable the core workflow in the settings, the changes to the objects in the ticket are applied and the error message in the console disappears.

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Possibly the fault core workflow rule you could find is trying to either read or (more likely) change no longer existing fields or values depending on what object type we’re talking about.

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