Can a KB category be turned "Not visible"?


Let’s say I have a category of many articles that are only relevant at specific times of year.
Is there a method to set visibility of a category to “Not visible”?

Or do I have to go in one by one to turn off visibility? Pretty tedious.

As a follow up to that, are there any granular abilities to let one/more Organization see a Category of KB articles?

Say for example I’m supporting an org/dept with specific needs that may even have some semi-private info or confusing info… and I only want an specific org/dept to be able to see the Category or KBs.

Is this possible?

I’m afraid you’ll have to go the one by one method.
You can’t overrule category visibility - it always depends on the existing articles below.

Granular knowledgebase permissions are currently not supported by Zammad but on the improvement list. ETA unknown though.

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