Caching tickets as a draft - role of the customer

  1. There is no option to save tickets as a draft.
  2. Tickets require more information when they are created. Some information must be requested. If the information is there, the ticket must then be started again.
  3. Unfortunately, the automatic saving of drafts is currently not possible in Zammad.
  4. Automatic saving of my drafts: As soon as I start filling out a form, the progress is saved as a draft in the background. I can then view a list of all drafts in my profile and edit them further.

Thank you

Zammad already automatically saves your changes in tabs on the desktop view.
I’ll change this category to technical assistance, because I believe this is not really a feature request when it’s already possible.

See indirectly mentioned here:

There’s also shared drafts if in doubt:

Unfortunately not.
Yes, there is a draft function in the role of the agent. Unfortunately, I cannot find any settings for the customer who creates a ticket!?

The described feature request is only affecting customers that want to create a ticket and “get distracted / temporarily stop the ticket creation process and leave the UI part of it”.

As the Taskbar for this process is entirely missing, customers cannot continue were they left the process.

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