Build overviews based on groups

Title: Build overviews based on groups

Usecase environment:

  • average concurrent agent count?: 30
  • average tickets a day? 50+
  • what roles/people are involved? IT-Department
  • everything else which you think is useful to understand your usecase?

What is the idea or pain point:
We have the use case that we have people in groups 1, 2 or 3. Currently we have only found a way to say
Overview group 1
Overview group 2 etc.

but our idea is that we only need to build one overview and can say:
“Show me all tickets of the groups in which the current user is member.”

Restriction via permissions is not not an option for us as everyone is allowed to see all tickets, but not everyone is allowed to change tickets (only group members).

In Core-Workflow Sessions Informations are already available

A comparison ticket->group is in session->groups (change) or session->groups (change) includes ticket->group would be useful when creating overviews

Expectation (not solution):

  • That user can see all Tickets from the Groups the belong to, without adjusting permissions as General