Autoplay feature on embedded videos


I would like to see an auto play feature available on the embedding widget so once a user clicks on a page and there is a video it starts auto playing.

I think many different companies would find this useful and the users too.

I am not sure how the widget itself works but I tried adding a youtube video with &autoplay=1 and it seemed to strip off the autoplay. which makes me think if it also strips off any other parameters like playing a video from a certain point which may be relevant to some people too.

Feel free to kill it, it is just a nice to have not stopping anyone from working.


Autoplay without the user interacting is the most disgusting behavior on websites that do that.
Zammads KB is not YouTube.

I respect your opinion however I think having the option would be useful so the users automatically get the response they need without having to add additional input on the page.