Automatically ask for more information in chat

Used Zammad version: 2.6
Used Zammad installation source: package
Operating system: CentOs

Expected behavior:

Is there any way that zammad Automatically ask for more information ( For eample after 15 Seconds after start chat) in chat meanwhile an agent chatting with a visitor? Ask for Name/Family/Email Address or load an E-form? If yes, How could be impediment in zammad?


this would be great to see if they match an already a customer and to capture the details if not

I think this would really be important when engaging with a user.

Before a chat is started the user should really fill in at least their name, email address and a subject. The user would then be mapped internally to Zammad to the user details held within the system, if not, it would create a user when a ticket is created. The issue is that when you turn a chat in to a ticket, the user has already left and you would need to manually add their contact information to create the ticket.

Could this be developed, and if resources are required, who could I speak to?

I’m sure that this could be developed, but I don’t know if and when.
We can work out a requirenment form (that’s required to check what the quote will be) via sales [at] zammad [dot] com

Great, let me put something together. I don’t think it would require too much development to capture the details and lookup the user or create on ticket. Thank you for the email address.

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More suggestions:

  • remember these details between Chats, so they don’t have to be inserted again

  • enhance the chat JavaScript client code so that the site can pre-fill some details. For example, our customers find the chat in the members area. We have name, email, customer ID etc… no need to ask these things to the customer during a chat…

Good idea…

Ill add this to my spec… if there are others with ideas or funds it always appreciated

I just changed the category to feature request, I think that’s fitting better. :slight_smile:

Good idea… I am working with Zammad to build a spec to see what it will cost etc to develop.


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