Automatically add the custmers name to the title on creation of a new ticket

just wanted to ask, if you know of any way to add the customer name autmatically to the tickets title on creation.

For example if customer TESTCUSTOMER sends a new mail to with the subject “Help, I am desperate!” zammad should create a new ticket with
TESTCUSTOMER: Help, I am desperate!
as the title.
this would be very handy for us.

That’s only possible if you add a ticket via API or the mail already contains the name.
Personally I don’t see the use case here, as overviews can hold the information of the customer the ticket is about. So that would, at least in my opinion, be duplicate information.

Allright, thanks a lot for your answer.
I was referring to the sent notifications actually.
We would find it incredibly handy if we could sort by customer via the mail subject in our mail client.

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