Automatic creation of an organization based on the domain

Hello, I’m new to using Zammad.
I would just like to ask if there is a way to assign a customer who creates a ticket via email to an organization that has not been created before?
I mean, that organization will be added automatically based on email domain.
We have most of the new clients and would like the organization to add itself automatically, with only the name and domain name added. Is this possible?

Zammad requires an allowed person to do this. You could also do this via API or CSV import if needed, however, it won’t happen automatically.

I’d like to suggest that you also have a look at the corresponding documentation page which might help you further especially in terms of limitations. At least the shared organization default value would be an issue with your requirement.

If you believe that this is a functionality that’s a must have, feel free to create a feature request on this board: Feature requests - Zammad - Community

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