Auto Timers on tickets / New ticket status option / reporting fetaure


There are 3 things I’d find super helpful on Zammad and I’m sure other people would to. I fully get the developers are busy, but if other people believe the below to be useful and up vote then perhaps they could be put on the roadmap at least.

1. The ability to auto time tickets.
For instance, when a ticket is “open” the timer is counting. However when the ticket is set to “pending” or otherwise, the timer stops.
I know there is an option to allow for timing but you have to put the time spent in manually.

2. Waiting on Customer
When we reply to a customer it would be nice to be nice to have the option to set the ticket status to “Waiting on customer”. This coupled with the timer above would be a nice touch.

3. Reporting by customer
For customers who pay by ad-hoc hours. We could use the reporting feature to show exactly what has been done for the customer during a specific date period and how long we’ve spent on doing their bits for them. Even if it were a .csv download that would be nice as then can make some nice reports for them etc…

Anyway, those are my thoughts, so again, if people were to find the above useful, then feel free to chime in :slight_smile:


Reporting to provide feedback to a team/group on all tickets similar the one for the organisation will really be helpful? Any one created such report before? I would like some guidance on this?

Please don’t recycle feature requests for technical questions :slight_smile:
Feel free to open a new independent topic :slight_smile: That keeps communication clean!

My bad! Wasn’t meant to happen but thanks for the response!

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