Auto-group/-assign/-dispatch incoming tickets?

Hey folks,

just a few beginners questions before beginning…
Is it possible to assign incoming tickets based on rules?

Let’s say for the following example:
if body contains “Lady Gaga” or “Madonna” assign group “pop”
if body contains “Johannes Sebastian Bach” assign group “classic”
in any other case keep it unassigned

Or assign a customer number?
if sender is found in address book/LDAP/whatever assign customer number refering to address book

Or to topics…
if customer number is categorized as VIP and body contains “urgent” do a defined “priority” action?

Are such or similar things possible with Zammad?

Each answer is very appreciated.

Kind regards

Yes! You could use Triggers or email filters.

Not 100% sure, but this should work as well.


Like ticket priority, VIP status doesn’t actually do anything out-of-the-box, but an admin can set up automated system hooks based on this value, or use it as a filter for custom overviews.

I’d recommend reading the linked parts of the documentation.
Let me know if you have any further questions!


Small addition to LDAP

Note that Zammad does not check LDAP addressbooks.
If however a user attribute of your ldap object does contain a specific information that you synchronize with Zammad (which it by default does hourly) it can check on specific attribute values if needed during the runtime of a scheduler or trigger.

That was what I meant to say. I should have been more precise. Thank you, @MrGeneration!

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