Auto expand last reply

Is it possible to have the last reply auto-expanded when a ticket is opened for review, excluding the signature starting with --?

An alternative is to allow for more of the reply to be visible, since the “see more” is very small and the amount initially shown is also very limited.

Is there a setting which I could toggle to allow this on all the latest replies?

Currently not, normally Zammad should hide only signature.
Can you see if there’s something special about the Mails where this does not happen?

It only seems to be a problem with agents replies, and the issue is that the last line of the reply before the signature is faded. It might be that its fading out the reply too early?

*excuse the blanks :slight_smile:

If it could be changed to add 1 more line before fading out, it should fix the issue.

So you’re saying that before “see more” there’s just two lines, a clear line followed by the signature?

Are you running the current Zammad-Version?
If you want, you can try sending a mail that causes this to marcel-presso[at]zammad[dot]com

I’ll take a look in develop branch then

I am runningbthe latest CentOS 7 package build made available through yum on the 2.8x version.

I can provide you access to our production systen to view it first hand if you would like.

It seems that the fading off of the reply is a bit abrupt and is done so for all replies. There isnt a specific email that does this or a reply.

If this is a general issue, I’ll check that tomorrow on an own instance first.
If I can’t seem to find out how, I’ll get back to you.

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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