Auto-close/notifications pending for client response

  • Used Zammad version: 6.2.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: docker
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Browser + version: chrome/safari

Expected behavior:

  • Notify user after 16 hours of not responding to an agent response
  • Notify user again after 8 hours of not responding to an agent response
  • Notify user that ticket is close for not responding

Actual behavior:

  • We have tried with triggers and couldn’t make it work

We set the time to 5min to test and it never set the trigger to work

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Triggers are not designed for this behavior.

I think you want to use the Scheduler.

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Thanks for your response, but Scheduler (as I understand) is based on a giving time/date instead of relative times/dates, unless I’m not understanding the correct use of Scheduler.

How with scheduler I can program emails to go out to users who opened a ticket and didn’t respond within 16 or 8 hrs after being responded by an agent requesting more info?


Carlos Rivero

Sorry but have you looked at the documentation link Sal provided at all?


Certainly I did, but it’s my understanding that scheduler run at very specific set times, not based on variable/relative times. Perhaps it’s my error, I will do some testing with the scheduler to confirm I can built this relative time based notifications/actions.

Thanks for your response !!!

Triggers are used for when something happens, and you want something else to happen as well. It will not check to see if a ticket has been open for 16 hours and has had no response. You need the scheduler for this.

I use the scheduler for all kinds of things, and this is one of them.

Yes, the scheduler will run at specific intervals (you can set them). Which works great for this case. For example, you want to notify a user (assuming agent or ticket owner) that a ticket has been open for 16 hours and has had no response. You don’t need this to run live or every 5 min. You could run the check every 16 hours and it will be fine.

Here is one I have for tickets that have had no response for one day. It checks three times a day and then sends an email to the ticket owner to let them know they have a ticket that needs updating.

Here is another one I use to send out an email to all agents when a ticket has been created and no one is assigned to it yet. This one checks more frequently, and if the ticket is still set to new and has no owner after 2 hours. Email notification is sent.

The scheduler has been a great tool for me. I use it to maintain our SLA’s and Escalation times.

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Thank you for sharing this info, I did tried one and it didn’t work, I’ll try with the ones you send me, thanks again for your help and collaboration, I appreciate very much your gesture !

BTW, what version of Zammad are you using? We are using 6.2.0 and we can’t modify the State Id object, how you did this? Or it’s just another custom object?


Zamamd 6.3 can do this.
Here’s the list of releases:

On the bottom of the page you can also subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date…

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Yep, I use 6.3.1. Try to stay up to date for security reasons, and for the new functionality.

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