Auto Close and Forward To External Email


  • Used Zammad version: zammad-2.6.0-1528249093
  • Used Zammad installation source: rpm/yum
  • Operating system: centos 7.x
  • Browser + version: Firefox Latest


Just wanted to ask a quick question. Is it possible to auto close (seems you can) but then forward the ticket to a external mailbox?

The idea is to add another mailbox like then forward the email another mailbox like but keep the ticket number from zammad as a reference of the request?

This is possible with triggers.
This should require exactly one trigger. :>

I am new the Zammad. What i seen is that i can create trigger that where the state is open to execute a state close on the object. What i can not figure out is the forwarding. I choose email notification, but i do not understand how i can enter an email address to forward to?

Create an agent for the dev-guys with their E-Mail-address, tell the trigger to assign the ticket to agent “Dev”, to close the ticket and send the notification E-Mail to “Owner”.

so simple! thank you very very much :slight_smile:

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I know what needs to happen, but i am struggling with the option to add email to forward.
Could you kindly point me in the right direction?

I created a group called feedback group, but have not seen a option to select this group or am i looking at the wrong option?

You need to utilize an designated agent user instead of a group. Then you can build a trigger to assign the tickets to this user and send a notify mail to him (as he became the ticket owner).

So basically i have to assign the ticket to a user (agent) and he will be notified?

You want to do something like the following. What I saw when I tried working on that I noticed that there seems to be no variable that I can take in order to get the latest entry text. But I got no time to check on that right now. :frowning:

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Hi there,

Thank you that triggers the forward email! works just like it should. I found the reason it does not forward. The outbound notification master email address (that i can not change) is being blocked by the SMTP server i am using. Wil fix it using postfix and email address re-writes.

Thank you very much for your assistance sir, really appreciate the assistance! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

You can change the notification sender!
It’s either the groups E-Mail-Address or the systems E-Mail-Adress:

I was about the reply, saying i found it. but you beat me to it! haha

once again thank you very much :slight_smile:

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