Auto Assign Agent on Email Reply


I apologize if this is asked and answered, but I didn’t find anything and I’m not sure of the best search terms.

We are a small IT team with a few agents. Often times our techs will respond to a support email without logging into Zammad. This means a ticket is being addressed, but not assigned. Is it possible to auto assign a ticket to the first agent who replies to an email?

I have tried this unsuccessfully, but perhaps I’m missing something.


Hi @shurley

How do you reply without logging in to Zammad?


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When a ticket is created, an email notification is sent to the support email address and forwarded to the agents - there are three.

Zammad does not provide any support for replies on notification emails.
If you chose to route them back to Zammad that may work follow up wise, but does not cause an answer to your customer.

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