Attention DO NOT UPDATE before 11th May 2021 12:30pm // Stable 4.0

Dear Community members,

yesterday we provided a backport for an attachment issue to Zammads stable branch.
This backport breaks current email sendout with at least attachments.

**This affects all users that updated somewhere in between 10th May 2021, 11:30 am GMT+2 and now. We’re aware of this issue and currently are working hard on resolving it asap. For now we encorage you to not update your stable installations until we rolled back.

Note that this process may take some time especially for container and package users during built processes.

We will update this announcement as soon as anything is green.
You can also follow the state here (please do not bump):


We reverted the commit in question.
Built processes are currently running. Package updates should be available by 11th May 2021 12:30pm GMT+2.

You can check the specific built job here: