Asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge not working with Zammad 3.6 CTI integration

Hi all
Ive just got into zammad and im trying to intergrate zammad into FreePBX 15.

Ive setup asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge and ive created a FreePBX (Asterisk) queue for my staff extensions and configured the config.cfg to connect AMI and zammad CTI (generic) but on reading “Push API — Zammad documentation” and “Support for user[] in newCall event · Issue #6 · martinvonwittich/asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge · GitHub” i believe zammad has changed the their API so the user[] field is required.

Does anyone have this Asterisk to Zammad CTI integration working with the latest version of Zammad and can anyone help me to change the Asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge script to work with my setup

Thank in advance


Yes, after a lot of help from the original plugin author of asterisk-zammad-cti-bridge, this plugin now works great

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Awesome, I finally got mine working too after much headache. I have about 3/4 a writeup done on this, and I’ll come back and attach it here so that maybe it will help others. =/

Looking forward to it, it may help me improve my installation

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