Assign via Email Subject?

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is it possible to assign a ticket to a customer via the email subject?
We got a web form which sends a mail to the email channel. Zammad assigns the ticket to the sender email which is in this case wrong.
If we add the Email Address to the subject could zammad assign it to the right customer? Or is there another option we could think about?

The web form does not have enough options like Date/Time chooser etc.


just to get on the right track:
Is the subject always the same for each agent or can it differ?

What I understood is, that you want to assign tickets based by Subject to one of the agents - correct?

Sry i forgot to reply…

Well we have a webform on our site which sends a Email like:
from: order@
Subject: Your Order

Str.+ Nr.:
Delivery date:
Delivery time:

Zammad would create this ticket for the customer order@ but i would automaticly reassign the ticket to the Email from email body or from email subject.

Sorry for the late reply!

You might want to tell your webform to set “reply-to” to the E-Mail-Adress the sender defines. Zammad will then assign the correct “sender”.

Like this in a webform for wordpress:

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