Assign users to roles via API

I got a question about the Zammad API.

Is it possible to mofify/work with roles through the API?
I want to assign users to roles via this API, but didn’t found a way to do this… :c

Thanks for your help!

Hi @MarvinKlar. Do you perform direct HTTP calls or how do you access the API? If you’re looking for the HTTP calls you can perform the action in the Browser while having a look at the Developer Tools -> Network panel. The JavaScript app is just an API client, too.

Yeah, the API is only accessable through HTTP. But I didn’t found a way to assign users to roles with the API.

So how should I do this?

Hi @MarvinKlar - as mentioned earlier: You can just look what the frontend (webapp) is doing:

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awesome, TIL. That would make a handy addition to the docs.

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