Assign ticket from the overviews

Hi, I’m running zammad 2.4.x from the docker-compose github repo.

In the Overviews section, any view, so let’s use /#ticket/view/all_open as the example.
I select a few tickets by clicking the checkbox and the bulk action toolbar at the bottom appears,
I can select different state, priority and group, however the owner selector only has one option, “-” .

Oh, I just had a thought, does it only show people in the agent role? I wasn’t using the agent role, it was empty, but I added some users in and it didn’t change anything.

Any ideas?


Select the group (even if it’s the same and you don’t want to change it) and then take a look into the assigne option. It’s a bit confusing, wanted to write something as enhancement for this behavior later (just forgot it)

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danke, makes sense.

I wonder if you could have the Owner say “Select Group First” or something?
Or maybe when you click Owner if Group is “-” it flashes twice?

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