Assign objects to users?

Hi there,

I have an question regarding the objects (import from i-Doit)

Is there a possible way we can assign those objects in Zammad? so people dont need to go to i-Doit first and then to request a ticket, that takes the hole point of Zammad away.

We are using the self-hosted version of Zammad in this case.

the reason i ask this is:
Because when they create an ticket in Zammad, its usefull to have their machine like laptop in the ticket, so we can check the device etc, and anticipate on that part.

This is Zammad version 5.3.1-1673546521.f2c640c5.bullseye

I’m not sure what exactly you’re trying to do.
The i-doit integration does not permanently store all of your i-doit objects / assets in Zammad - this only applies to linked assets.

You can learn on how to use the integration on our documentation:

The there shown steps are the only available options, nothing hidden.