Ask for time on ticket creation (time accounting)

Currently it’s not possible to account time directly upon ticket creation.

There are a few use cases, where this is “bad”:

  • if you’re answering a call, which results in a ticket creation, you may want to account the time needed for the call
  • if you have tasks to contact customers (e.g. notification of an configuration error on customer site where he needs to act) by ticket, the process of ticket creation and filling it with necessary information can be quite time consuming. There are Ticket’s you simply create closed, as you don’t expect the customer to reply and if he does, it will simply reopen.

You currently have to add another article after creation to trigger to account time to the ticket. This process takes not too much time, but if you forget exactly that, it might have unwanted side effects.

In my opinion, there should be a new dropdown option in between the enable button (for time accounting) and the conditions on what situation to ask for time needed. Ideally this will contain the following options:

  • only ask for time during ticket update
  • ask for time during ticket update and creation

The first option (only on update) should be the default settings for backwards compatibility reasons.

This was already asked on earlier, but never got a feature request:

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