Allow setting maximum quote depth


in most cases email is used for communication in our ticket system and full quote is enabled.
However in some support cases the mail thread will go back and forth for a longer time. When it is 8-10 quote levels deep, with inline pictures and other funny stuff the ticket instance gets very sloggy/laggy (which kind of is expected and would happen in any mail program).

So to avoid such issue in an elegant way it would be great if there would be a setting where you can set the maximum quote depth. That way you could fine tune the tradeoff of having all information against performance.
For example, if you set that value to 4 and you hit reply on a mail article, Zammad would simply delete all text in your replies quote that is deeper than >>>>.

A global setting would be sufficient for my use case. But a group based setting would be even better.

What do you think?


Zimbra email (and I bet most web clients) does hide quoted text by default (all), showing only the latest message.
We also have very long threads, finding the last message in those tickets is cumbersome.

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