Allow customers from same organization to close tickets


we have many customer organizations with multiple accounts or email addresses. We noticed that while they all can see the tickets of the shared organization, only the one customer who is associated to this ticket, can accept & close the ticket.

Some of our customers have multiple addresses or accesses to the platform and are confused why they cannot close each others tickets, or in the case of someone leaving the customer organzation and their successor’s inability to close the tickets.

So we would like to have this feature implemented or maybe hints toward how we can easily adjust the codebase for this purpose.

Maximilian Stark

You could work around this with a custom object that you only display to the customer.
Something like “Is your problem solved?” (Yes|No [default value])

You then need a Trigger:

  • action is updated
  • custom-field-name is YES

DO -> State => close

Ideally you would create a second Trigger that ensures if anybody updates the state to closed, that the custom object gets updated to “Yes” as well to keep it consistent.

Other than that I see no other choice for work arounding this.
Personally I also think that this makes perfectly sense, as -normally- my colleguales are not the ones to decide if my specific problem is solved or not. But that’s my opinion. :slight_smile:

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