Allow agents to be invited even after the first steps have been completed


At the moment, after installing Zammad in the first steps, it is possible to invite agents without having to set a password for them, for example.
However, if I want to add new agents after completing these first steps, the only option is to create new users, i.e. set a password and somehow communicate it to the agents or create an account in AD.

It would be really great if I, as an admin, didn’t have to set a password for all agents and didn’t have to worry about the most secure way to give them the password.

Thanks for your great work!

Or you set and forget an password and request your agent to use the forgot password function.
I know very few admins that would want to know the password of their user and actually give them the passwords except for an initial required password for e.g. mail or LDAP.

However, asking the agents to use the forget password feature does not make as good a professional impression as inviting them to set a password themselves. Some of our agents are external, so we make a special effort to leave a good impression, even with the tools we use.

You did never look at the invite mails did you? You still have to use the forgot password function.
If that’s not suiting your needs, feel free to adjust the descirption of your first article accordingly so that your goal is more clear.

As described, I did not send out any invitation emails. I didn’t want you to be pissed off. Personally, though, I think it would make a more professional impression if you didn’t have to change your password through the password forgetting process. But if that is not desired or not the focus, also OK. I just wanted to contribute positively with my thoughts to the development of what seems to be a very great project.

I’m not pissed off at all. Every contribution is welcome and important.

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