Agents missing reply from customers


we have just migrated from plain Mail support with Outlook to a real Ticket System.
So far it works fine but I get repeated complaints that under “My Tickets” tickets to which a customer has replied are not clearly visible and are therefore overlooked. Agents are used to the obvious blue unread Highlighting from Outlook.

Did someone had similar problems how did you dealt with them?

You could set up a trigger to label tickets with new response with a custom tag and then create a new overview which filters the tickets so just to one’s with new responses are displayed.

I’d recommend to also set up another trigger which removes the custom tag once the agent has replied.

I know it isn’t the perfect solution, but that’s what I can think of at the moment.

I believe we’re requesting the same feature, Create overview where customer replied.
I haven’t checked out the trigger workaround, but sounds like something that could/should work. But requires an additional tag to work, which i think is less optimal.
Currently i’ve created an view in grafana to display this, with the following sql query;

tickets.created_at AS “create time”,
EXTRACT(EPOCH FROM current_timestamp-tickets.last_contact_customer_at)/3600 as hours_ago,
FROM tickets
inner join users on (
$__timeFilter(tickets.created_at) and tickets.last_contact_customer_at>tickets.last_contact_agent_at and tickets.state_id=2
ORDER BY tickets.last_contact_customer_at asc

Yes that’s basically going into a similar direction.
I just answered with a conter approach in terms of “workflows”.

If that’s not working for you guys it’s a functionality Zammad can’t provide, apart from sorting.
Basically the default overview “my assigned tickets” is too open. I’d adjust that for better overview.

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