Agents can now also be Customer (and Vice Versa)

Hi, just upgraded Zammad to 3.5 to use this new feature :slight_smile:

now i want to give our it support agents also the customer role, but if i open the user afterwards it always says “Role Agent is conflicting with role customer do you want to continue” after that it deactivates the customer role. Do i make something wrong? How can i get the new feature working?

  • Used Zammad version: 3.5
  • Used Zammad installation source: Docker Compose
  • Operating system: Windows 10 2004
  • Browser + version: Chrome

Use the roles not the permissions within the role or wait until Zammad 3.6.

that is what i tried:


What build are you using? There has been a fix released for that 3 days ago:

The role IT-Agent seems to be a copy of either Agent or Admin or is the renamed Agent role.
This default role had a preference set that explicetely ensured one does not set the customer role beside that role to the user.

The new stable fix will not solve above mentioned issue.

Our prior migrations only clear the default roles:

You can do the following within a rails console:

Role.find_by(name: 'IT Agent').preferences.delete(:not)
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OK just to reiterate.

In Zammad 3.5 I will have to assign two Roles “Customer” and “Agent-Role” to the user. Each role configured expicitly only for this.

In Zammad 3.6 or “when its ready” I can configure a single role that has both the Agent and Customer permissions set in the role configuration. This currently is not possible, correct?

This is no longer correct.
Developers backported the described Zammad 3.6 fix to Zammad 3.5.
This means, if you update to the latest available Zammad 3.5, you can already provide ticket.customer even if you have ticket.agent within the same role already.

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