Agent internal chat

Sometimes it is necessary for the agents to talk about tickets outside a ticket.
Do you think it would be a good idea to integrate a simple “chat” for the agents?

For example:
There is a tricky ticket and I would like to discuss it with my helpdesk team.
In this case, I would like to “click” a button to create a new discussion with a reference to the ticket.
Or there is a general topic and I would like to create a new discussion without a ticket but with the option to insert later a link to a ticket in to the note.

If I say “chat” I mean an offline system like the Tickets. One subject and each agent can write a note.


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Erm, i can think about using “Group - Internal Chat”, where you create “ticket” aka Chat and link it to the ticket, shouldn’t it be the same?

Hello Dante4,
in this case, it would be necessary to change all trickers and so on because the other fields (priority and so on) make no sense.
I would prefer a dedicated “function”.

Maybe an internal chat plugin could solve the problem.

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