Agent ACL and notification

I am running a support company for distinct kind of customers, located around the world.
The team is also worldwide.

Due to several restrictions which are out of interest here, I wonder what the best practices are to be able to have some restrictions/privileges like:

  • an agent MUST NOT view company X ticket at all, or see only the ticket from company X

  • an agent MUST be notified only during her work-hours, also excluding holidays if possible

  • an agent SHOULD be able to follow up on a ticket even if the ticket is moved to a group she’s not supposed to access.

Another real example, an agent on-call may access temporally company tickets, for the duration of the ticket management. It’s a bonus.

I’m sure I can add even more groups and triggers and all, I’m sure also at least some of those points are required by other people here…


For the organization based access, this page may help - it technically also applies to organizations:

That’s responsibility of your mail server that should enforce that policy on whole scope, don’t you think?
At least that’s how others do it: Keep the mail back until business hours.

If the agent is the ticket customer and has customer permission no problem.
If he’s not, why would the ticket go into a group he’s not allowed to read in but still is supposed to follow up? Sounds like a permission flaw.

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