Adjust i-doit integration

Hello everybody,

is there anyone here who tests i-doit with zammad or even has it running?
We face some challenges / questions and I hope to find solutions here :wink:

The connection has worked so far without problems.
In a ticket we can add objects from i-doit. However, we would like to customize the list of object types that can be linked. So we need e.g. no “aircraft”, “country”, “city”, “crypto card”, …
Can one influence this list?

Furthermore, the search seems to search only the name of the objects. Can you adjust that?

That would be it for now.

Best regards

Technically yes, but this is not update safe.
There is no update safe way at this moment.

Hello, that’s not what I wanted to read.
I hope the recruitment options will soon find their way into the add-on.


You may want to create a feature request for this, if not already existing. :slight_smile:

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