Adding SMTP Only Channel


I am new to Zammad (5.3.1-1677147662.62001c62.bullseye)
If I run the following command provided by Mr. Generation in Rails Console, I get the following error: sh: 1: Syntax error: “(” unexpected.

If I run the command on Dispatch messages with Sendmail — Zammad documentation and make the channel editable all works well via the GUI. However, email verification fails due to the incoming flow. Is there somehow a way to do disable the email verification element or can someone provide a working command?

Thank you.

mychannel = Channel.create(
   area: 'Email::Account', 
   options: { 
      inbound: { 
         adapter: 'null', 
         options: {} 
      outbound: { 
         adapter: 'smtp' ,
         options: {
            host: "{hostname-smtp-server}", 
            user: "{username-mailaccount}", 
            password: "{password-mailaccount}", 
            port: {smtp-server-port},
            ssl: true,
            domain: Setting.get('fqdn'), 
            enable_starttls_auto: true
   active: true, 
   preferences: { 
      editable: false 
   updated_by_id: 1, 
   created_by_id: 1
   realname: Setting.get('organization'), 
   email: "{email-address-email-account}", 
   active: true, 
   created_by_id: 1, 
   updated_by_id: 1

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