Adding notes to call log


I’m currently setting up a Zammad instance for the company I work in and I want to adapt our typical workflows to finally use a ticket system instead of just replying to every email and doing handwritten notes.

One thing I thought about was, that it would be very useful to add notes to the call log. As many other companies during the pandemic, we are mostly working in home office so our main phone number is redirected to many places. We use Placetel as our service provider for that. I was glad that Zammad already had such an integration.

If we could comment the log, it would be easier for everyone to get an overview about what happend during the day. Everyone could write one or two sentences to document what the call was about after hanging up.

By the way, I noticed that old phone calls are not assigned to existing customers. This could be misleading and lead some of our employees to create a customer twice. Is this a “bug” which I can add to this ticket or should a create a separate one?

The issue with that idea is that Zammad will only display a limited set of calls within the caller log.
This won’t be an issue if you don’t get too many calls - but will if you get a lot of those.

If you get 60 calls per hours, your notes are visible exactly 1 hour and then will “vanish” which -in my opinion- is not really a benefit for you and your agents.

Instead I’d like to suggest to add the phone numbers to the customers account.
This doesn’t just allow you to recognize the caller, but Zammad will (if configured) also provide a new ticket dialogue for your agent with a pre filled customer.

In my opinion filling in tickets is the better approach in long term. This way you’re not bound to the last entries, but have the “call” history for a much longer time period.

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